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Admission Guide

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Admission Guide

The St. Stephen’s College Vienna is an Austrian preparatory center, which prepares international students language and subjects wise for a public Austrian University. We assist and guide students on their way to admission and provide visa support service. The degree programmes are offered by the Austrian universities themselves.

Due to the differences in educational standards, international students must learn the German language and pass supplementary exams before they can start studies at an Austrian university as an ordinary student. St. Stephen’s provides students with the language and pre-university training programmes. Students seeking direct university admission, have a possibility to choose the University Admission service provided by the College or contact a chosen university directly for further information.

1. Choose Course

Find Degree Course

Choose a Degree

Austria universities offer over 400 degrees — bachelor, master or PhD. You can find any faculty in Austria and go for it. Another option would be to get a study counsel and a career guidance. Let us recommend a degree programme and the most suitable university for you.

Check Eligibility

You can check if you are eligible to apply for a university degree online. For the bachelor applicants have to be in the final school year, have a secondary education diploma or be a student. For master or PhD applicants would be in the final year or have already graduated.

Prepare Documents

  • Secondary or higher education diploma
  • Diploma supplements with marks
  • Language certificate(s), if any
  • Copy of a passport
  • Passport photo

Submit Application

  • Fill in the online application form
  • Check the correctness of the info
  • Upload your documents and photo
  • Submit the online application
  • Verify the email address

2. Apply Online

Apply Online

3. Apply for Visa

Apply for Visa

Legalise the Documents

  • Have your documents legalised
  • And translated in German or English
  • Get an appointment with a consulate

Submit Documents

  • Fill-in the application form
  • Go to the embassy
  • Submit your application

Learn Language

  • Take a written language test
  • Enjoy an oral interview with a tutor
  • Learn the language up to C1 level
  • Take a language exam

Take Subjects

  • Get tested in subjects
  • Start the foundation course
  • Take supplementary exams

4. Start Foundation

University Foundation

5. University

University Admission

Take Courses

The College prepares a study plan for students, follow it and you are fine. Study hard and do not forget to have fun, as it is the best time of your life! Student exchange programmes are highly recommended. If you need help or guidance, your mentor is always here for you.


As soon as you are finished with all your exams, find a supervisor and make your research. Submit the thesis to the library and do not forget to invite your parents to the graduation party. They deserve it and are proud of you!

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