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St. Stephen's College Vienna

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We are excited to welcome you at St.Stephen’s in Vienna and encourage you to contact us.


Tons of Courses

The college prepares students to Bachelor, Master and PhD studies at Austrian public universities. Over 400 degree programmes are offered by Austrian universities.


Exhibitions per Year

We participate in major educational fair around the world. We are thrilled to meet students and present with the possibilities of getting higher education in Austria.


Teachers in College

Our instructors teach at public universities, are certified and undergo constant professional development. We are the best and offer only the best to you.


Students Nationalities

We are proud to be an international community with students coming from over the world with different cultural background.


St.Stephen's University Admission Austria

Our doors are opened for students, applicants and their parents. You can arrange a visit, meet us at educational exhibitions and attend a day of open days.

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St.Stephen's University Admission Austria

The college offers the most advanced language courses, academically demanding university foundation programmes and bespoke support. Learning with us is effective and exciting.

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St.Stephen's University Admission Austria

Over 30 educational fairs per year all over the world: in Europe, USA, Middle East, China, Japan, India and CIS countries. We are thrilled to meet perspective students and their parents.

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St.Stephen’s College is located in the most modern and greenest district of Vienna. Students enjoy a myriad of possibilities offered by the district to do sports and enjoy the life. The artificial lake in the center of district is the highlight of the region. The college faces the lake. College students appreciate the possibilities to have Viennese lunch & snacks at local cafes. Students can also choose to live here as well, thus a walk to the college takes only 1 minute.

The college is an easy destination to reach. It is located on the U2 subway line. Reaching the city center takes only 15 minutes. All the universities and dorms are located on the same subway line as well. Studying at the college and living in the campus means that students are very well connected to the city center and their alma mater.

Time: 25 minutes Price: €2,20

The college is very conveniently located. It can be reached in 25 – 30 minutes by car. Using the public transportation, you have couple of options — take a bus to the city center (Schwedenplatz) or take a train to the city (Landstrasse). In both case switching to the U2 subway when reaching the city will bring you to the college in 15 minutes.

Taxi: € 7525 minutes Public: € 4,2045 minutes

The college is perfectly located and is easy to reach by car. Independent from which direction you are heading to the college you would only need to take the Vienna round road and turn right to the Seestadt to reach the destination. It is easy and extremely convenient.

Dmitry Petrovsky

Our goal is to ensure that students are not overlooked and provided with equal chance to discover their talents. Our academic staff is fully involved in students’ life and takes seriously its responsibilities for the welfare of our students.

Dmitry Petrovsky
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