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College Visit Guided Tour

St.Stephen’s College is open to visitors, prospect students and their parents. You can meet college representatives at educational fairs around the globe, during the days of open door, which are organised twice a year at the beginning of each semester. The most efficient way is to arrange a personal visit to the college.

I would be happy to show you the college and its facilities. Accompany you during the guided tour around the universities and campus.

To visit the college an appointment is needed. Dropping by without prior notice will not allow us to devote the necessary amount of time to you. We take each visit extremely seriously and take time to introduce you to the the college and its facility. Visitors have the possibility to meet tutors and instructors, have a guided tour around the campus and public universities. The resume of the visit is the meeting with the principal and college admission officer, where all you questions are answered.

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Educational Fairs

It is important for us to meet the students personally and introduce them with the education in Austria. We are devoted to promote the Austrian education abroad and attract international students to the country. Austria is a wonderful country, which we love and are proud about. Each year the college takes part in over 30 educational fairs, exhibitions, road shows and organised seminars. Here is the list of countries and cities we visit each year.

  • Brasilia
  • China
  • Germany
  • India
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Kazakhstan
  • Korea
  • Russia
  • UAE
  • Ukraine
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University Foundation Austria student

Seeing is believing. Taking at least 2 days is absolutely worth your time and my definite recommendation. You see all the facilities and can choose a place in a campus. Meeting the college mentors is a must. Go for it!

Lena, Russia

St.Stephen’s Open Days

Twice a year at the beginning of each semester the college doors are open for visitors — to meet college instructors, tutors, coordinators and the principal. To get an invitation and prior notification, please subscribe to our mailing list.

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The visit takes 3-4 hours and is very well planned. During the first 2 hours visitors are introduced to the college, its faculty and facilities, we also visit the dormitory. After a short coffee break, the visitors are having a Question & Answer session with the college team and the principal.

Visit St. Stephen's College Vienna
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