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St. Stephen's College Vienna

Language Examination. ÖSD Certificate

German certification for A1 to C1 levels. The diploma is recognised by Austrian, German and Swiss universities.

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The College is the language examination center, where students can take German examination for A1 to C2 levels. ÖSD German language certificate is world recognised by educational institutions in Austria, Germany and Switzerland along with the Goethe Institute Diploma. We offer exam preparation courses, crash courses and even exam simulations. It is highly recommended to take an exam preparation course or an exam simulation, in case you are taking a B2 or C1 examination.

We are proud about our profound German courses and the results students achieve during exams. Learn and take exams with us!

Tanja Frielinghaus, Tutor & Examiner

The examinations take place in small groups at the end of each month. If a number of registrations for a particular level is less than 4, the exam date is skipped. It takes up to 3 weeks for getting a final result.

ÖSD Exam

Levels: A1 – C1
St. Stephen's College ÖSD German language exam
Duration:6 hours
Levels:A1 – B2
Price (EUR):€ 100 – 250
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To take an exam you need to register 4 weeks before the date of the examination. For the registration you need:

  • Fill-in online application form
  • Upload copy of your passport
  • Pay the examination fees

The registration for the ÖSD exam is complete after the fees are payed and email invitation is received. You need to provide the invitation to the examiner.


Take your passport and the electronic invitation, switch off your mobile phone completely for the whole duration of the examination. Dictionaries, paper and pens will be provided to you. You must come 15 minutes before the beginning of the examination.

Exam Dates in 2017



Level A1€ 100
Level A2€ 130
Level B1€ 160
Level B2€ 200
Level C1€ 250
University of Vienna student Austria

I appreciate the possibility of making an exam simulation before the real exam. Although the simulation was a part of my German course i.e. free, you can register for it too, the fees will be deducted from the exam price anyway!

Anna, Bulgaria

Exam Simulation

Levels: A1 – B2
St. Stephen's College Medicine Preparation Exam Course Vienna
Duration:3 hours
Levels:A1 – B2
Price (EUR):€ 50
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If you are coming from another school, it is recommended to take an exam simulation text first. You could evaluate your abilities, get an estimated score and a recommendation from a tutor. If you get a positive results during the simulation, with a 95% probability you final ÖSD exam score will be even higher. Should you fail the exam, you might still give it a try, although we would suggest to take a crash course at least.


The structure of the exam simulation matches the structure of the ÖSD examination:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Fees & Discounts

You would need to register for the simulation 1 week in advance and pay the fees. The simulation itself lasts 2-3 hours. The results are usually available within an hour and you will have a final talk with an examiner. If you pass the simulation and register for the ÖSD examination with the College you are entitled for €25 discount.

Examination Committee

Jan Hahn
Jan Hahn
Tanja Frielinghaus
Tanja Frielinghaus
Julia Delhorn
Julia Delhorn
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