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About Student Apartments

The College provides an alternative option for students with families or group of friends to rent a fully furnished and exceptionally equipped apartment in the city center. We have 2 available options: a spacious single studio or a double room apartment.

A perfect option for students with families or a group of friends.

The apartment costs are all-inclusive and allow students to stay on top of the budget. Renting it for 2-3 students make it even cheaper than a room in a dorm. An additional advantage of renting an apartment is the possibility to invite friends for a stay.

Fees & Costs

  •    Contract Duration
  •    Room Size
  •    Registration Fee
  •    Booking Fee
  •    Deposit (refundable)

Single Studio

  • 12 months
  • 40 - 45 sqm
  • € 100
  • € 250
  • € 1 950

Double Room

  • 12 months
  • 50 - 65 sqm
  • € 100
  • € 250
  • € 2 600


Renting an apartment is the most suitable option for students with families or students coming to Vienna with friends. Sharing a 2 rooms apartment in the city center is convenient, safe and yet very affordable option. All our apartments are spacious and depending on a category have a balcony with a nice view.
Comfort 98%
Price 90%
Fun Factor 95%

Ranking: 95% ( Awesome )

University Foundation Austria student

We came to Vienna with friends and were recommended to rent an apartment. That was such a wise decision: spacious, comfortable, fully furnished and centrally located. It seems that we live just in the center of all events. We love it!

Jessica, USA


Perfectly equipped for comfortable living

Perfect location
Party Hall
Excellent Infrastructure
Washing Lounge
Fast Internet
Fitness & Gym
Cable TV
Bike Garage
Learning Studios
All-Inclusive costs
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