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About Students Dorms

St.Stephen’s College provides students with comfortable dormitories. We take welfare of our students very seriously and strive to make the life of our peers very comfortable and convenient. Students may choose to live in a single studio or share a room with a neighbour. All the rooms in the dormitories are fully furnished and very well equipped: mini-kitchen and facilities are in the apartment for single or shared use. Dorms have a washing kitchen, bike garage, self-learning rooms, party-halls and gyms. The internet is available in each room.

The location is perfect not only for living but also for studying. Each dorm is situated in a walking distance to a subway station. Students could reach the school, universities or city center in no time. We pay close attention to the infrastructure around the dorms. In a walking distance you may find grocery shops, restaurants, cafes and possibilities to do some sports.

The prices are all-inclusive i.e. there are no additional fees for electricity.

Fees & Costs

  •    Contract Duration
  •    Room Size
  •    Registration Fee
  •    Booking Fee
  •    Deposit (refundable)

Single Studio

  • 12 months
  • 20 - 30 sqm
  • € 100
  • € 250
  • € 1 950

Double Room

  • 12 months
  • 18 - 24 sqm
  • € 100
  • € 250
  • € 1 125

All contracts are made up for a period of one year with an option for renewal. A signed contract cannot be cancelled and the fees are due. The booking fee includes the final cleaning of the room. The place in a dorm is reserved after the college has received a copy of the signed contract and the payment of the fees is confirmed (registration, booking fees together with the deposit and the rent for the first month).

Dorm Facilities

Perfect location (subway, bus)
Student Party Hall
Excellent Infrastructure (shops, cafes, restaurants)
Washing Lounge
Fast Unlimited Internet
Fitness & Gym
Cable TV
Bike Garage
Self-Learning Studios
All-Inclusive costs


It’s All About You

Living in a single studio is the best way have your privacy and concentrate on the studies. Besides living alone does not mean to be alone. The college offers rich and diverse social life and extra-curricular activities.
Comfort 100%
Price 80%
Fun Factor 95%

Ranking: 92% ( Awesome )

University Foundation Austria student

I have never been living in such a luxurious dorm in my life. It is like living in a hotel, absolutely amazing and extremely comfortable indeed.

Lena, Russian Federation
International Relations, University of Vienna


Share room. Make friends. Learn together

Sharing a room with a neighbour is the best way to make a friend and practice your language skills. We try to accommodate students from different countries together, so that they practice English or German while studying and living together. Living together is not only fun, but also cheaper.
Comfort 80%
Price 90%
Fun Factor 95%

Ranking: 88% ( Excellent )

I live together with a guy from Japan, we have lots of room for both of us. The perfect option if you want to meet people from different countries and have a friend to talk to. Besides it is cheaper!

Max, Austria
University Foundation Austria student

Students Dorm FAQ

Если я сдам экзамен, Вы можете помочь мне с визой? 2017-04-29T16:22:30+00:00

Разумеется, мы оказываем полное визовое сопровождение и получаем студенческую виза за 10 дней.

Мне нужна виза для учебы в Австрию? 2017-04-29T16:23:49+00:00

Для граждан СНГ требуется виза для учебы в Австрии. Мы оформляем визу для студентов.

Можно ли сдать экзамен без регистрации на него? 2017-04-29T16:25:40+00:00

Нельзя. Вы должны предварительно зарегистрироваться и оплатить экзамен (около €50), в протим случае Вас не допустят до экзамена.

Вы можете меня зарегистрировать на экзамен? 2017-04-29T16:26:49+00:00

Разумеется. Если поступаете на одну из программ подготовки, мы заранее регистрируем студентов на экзамены.

Как проходит регистрация на экзамен? 2017-04-29T16:27:30+00:00

Информацию по регистрации можно получить в вузе или у куратора.

Мне нужно регистрироваться на экзамен? 2017-04-29T16:31:53+00:00

Все экзамены требуют дополнительной регистрации.

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