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Lunch & Snacks

Looking after you

Food is the fuel for your brains.

Breakfast, half-board, eating-out or cooking. You have it all.

School Boarding
Self Cooking
Eating Out



The density of supermarkets in Vienna is remarkable. No where in Europe you can find so many grocery shops per square meter.


Student Foodcourts

Remarkable and tasty possibility to eat on the budget. Universities welcome students and guests to try their delicious meals for reasonable prices.


Cafes and Restaurants

Vienna is famous for its cafes and restaurant for every budget. Opening at 6 o’clock in the morning, fresh and healthy cuisine for every taste.

About Lunch & Snacks

Vienna is famous for its cuisine. There is something for every budget and taste. We look out for our students and take care of their welfare. A number of restaurant around the College provide students with special discounts. Universities invite to their foodcourts for a lunch. The classes are organised in such a way, that you always have enough time to eat during the break.

Study hard, eat healthy!

The dorms and the College are conveniently located, so you can choose to cook at home. A supermarket is just around the corner and you can have your custom sandwich freshly made just as you like it. In the College you can have coffee or tea, different snacks and enjoy eating together with your friends during the breaks.

School Boarding & Food courts

A variety of cafes, restaurant and foodcourts offer an attractive possibility for students to try their freshly cooked meals. Depending on your lifestyle and budget you can have a delicious lunch for a ridiculous price.

  • Foodcourt: € 6-7 per meal
  • Half-board: € 145 per week
  • Average budget: € 400 per month

You can choose to have breakfast or half-boarding with the College. This way you have a fixed budget and can drop by for a breakfast from 6 to 11 in the morning and dine until 3 p.m in the afternoon.

There are so many cafés around the College to choose from and so many different cuisines to try. I prefer to have my Viennese breakfast in the morning and get a fresh lunch during the break. I cook only on weekends.

Alexandra, Greece
St. Stephen's Vienna boarding student

Self Cooking

Each dorm is fully equipped and allows student to cook in the their apartment, as well as enjoy joint cooking with friends. All floors have a common kitchen and a dinning hall, where you can chat with friends, watch some TV, play a playstation and of course share your meal with others.

  • Grocery shopping at a supermarket: €25
  • Grocery shopping at a market: €35
  • Average budget: €300 per month

The grocery shops are reasonably priced, thus cooking by yourself makes a huge difference in comparison to eating out or ordering a delivery. There are numerous possibilities to shop in local food boutiques or go to a marketplace for fresh and delicious food.

St. Stephen's Vienna boarding student

I love and enjoy cooking for myself and my friends. The grocery shop, which is opened from 6 a.m in the morning, is on the ground floor of my dorm, the College is in 1 minute walking distance. It is simply convenient!

Nora, Rumania

Eating Out

Depending on your lifestyle, budget and cuisine preferences you can spend a year trying everything out and won’t visit the same restaurant twice.

  • Business lunch: € 10 per meal
  • Going out in the evening: € 30 for an evening
  • Average budget: up to you

There is a great selection of places to eat too. Something for any mood, palate, occasion and price range. Better still, your student card gets you discounts and special deals at numerous restaurants and cafés.

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