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St. Stephen's College Vienna

Educational Guidance in Austria. Your Goals – Our Goals!

We look out for students, providing educational advice and counselling service. We help to discover your talents.

Educational Guidance

The Educational Guidance is provided by the College to help student to discover their strength, talents and make optimal learning choices. A guidance counsellor can talk through available options before making a mature educational decision. A counsellor can help students to identify opened opportunities and plan for the future career.

We help student to discover their talents and set the goals for the future.

During the interview, we analyse the educational background, make language, subject and skills testing. We call the process – the screening. It helps us to better understand the goals and the ability of a student to achieve them. The result of the screening is an extensive student’s profile and set of recommendations: a university, a degree and specialisations to pursue during studies in Austria.

1. Interview

An interview in a form of a dialog is conducted to better understand your academic performance and goals. It is vital to understand your priorities, interests and plans for the career.

2. Language Test

Students undergo written testing together with an oral interview. Should the level of the language be not sufficient enough for taking pathway subjects, you would need to take a language course, which corresponds to you level of the language.



3. Skills Test

The purpose of the skills test is to determine the areas of the science in which you would achieve the best scores i.e. to frame the courses where you can achieve the best results and as a result be more successful. It is a computer test, which takes around 20 minutes to accomplish.

4. Student Profile

All the results together help to get a picture of you abilities and determine the profession in which you could achieve the best results.

Student Screening Profile

Ms. Mercedes Miller
Course Type:Intensive German
Course Duration:3 months
Language Diploma:B2
Tests History
March 67%
April 79%
March 91%
Examination Results

1. University & Degree Advice

  • A counsellor recommends a number of the degree courses, which match student’s profile the best. Together you go through the course programme and discuss your outlook upon graduation.
  • As the chosen degree programme is offered in a couple of universities, a counsellor can recommend a university to apply for. As one might suite you better than the other.
  • The goal is to give you a clear picture about your studies and to provide the precise information on programme duration, available specialisations and required preparation courses.


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2. Preparation Programme Advice

  • Based on the testing results, we design a university preparation course for you i.e. you are assigned to a language course, which corresponds to the level of  your language testing results.
  • Depending on the chosen university degree course, you would need to take additional 3 pathway subjects. These subjects are the core of the university foundation course.
  • Finally, a visa calendar and a university degree programme plan are compiled to give a clear overview about each and every stage of your education in Austria.
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