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St. Stephen's College Vienna

Guardianship Service in Vienna

The welfare and support of the under-aged students is our TOP priority. Students feel safe and at home with us.

About Guardianship

The College Guardianship Service is fast developing a reputation for excellence. We strive to offers the highest standards of personal care to each of our international students and enjoy warm professional relationships with all of them. Parents register extremely high levels of satisfaction with our personalised approach, confident that their child is well supported and nurtured.

Home away from home. Support and confidence in your child’s wellbeing in Austria.

The service is provided to the under-aged students (under 18 years old). We understand that moving abroad could be stressful not only for students, but also for their parents. Therefore, we treat our students as if they are our own, caring and supporting them during their studies in Austria. Our guardians are in constant contact with students’ parents, as we aim to supply a personalised service to meet each family’s different needs. You will find our guardian team to be extremely flexible and accommodating, keeping your child’s best interests as the focus of our attention.

Guardianship Services

Included Guardianship Services
24 h x 7 Emergency Assistance
Office-based guardian manager
Assistance in arranging homestay
Meeting and picking up at the airport
School visits and getting feedback from tutors
Arrange for mobile phone and top up cards
Liaise with the school on educational matters
Attend parents school evenings
Feedback to parents with advice on educational choices
Accompanying a student to authorities
€ 300 / month

Our Approach

Individual Service

We understand and respect that each family has different needs and requirements. We do know that each child is used to a certain lifestyle at home. We are pleased to offer a additional services or make a custom package of services to meet your individual needs.

Meet you Guardian

Choosing the right person for you could take some time. Therefore we offer couple of qualified candidates matching the profile and requirements of your family. We highly recommend to interview them in person or to arrange an online meeting.

University Foundation Austria student

I was scared to go abroad for the first time, but all my worries disappeared as soon as I have landed. A warm and charming welcome to Austria. I love my guardian family and grateful for their help.

Maria, Agentina
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