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St. Stephen's College Vienna

Austrian Visa and Residency Permit

We assist and support incoming students with visa applications.


International Students

Over 30% of students in Vienna are international students, it is truly a global international community and a great place to be a student.


Student Applications

We support international students with their visa and residency permit applications, help them to feel welcomed and at home in Austria.


Students Nationalities

We promote the education in Austria in over 30 countries of the world and take part in major educational fairs around the globe.

Visa Support Team

The College provides the counselling and a visa advice service to assist students in applying for their student visa. The visa support team helps to prepare a visa application and submit the documents to the Austrian consulate in student’s home country.

We help students with visa applications and formalities: you can count on us!

Upon arrival to Austria, we help students with the formalities and make them feel home away from home in Austria:

  • open a bank account
  • make an insurance contract
  • register with the authorities and
  • get the residency permit for the studies
Visa Austria

I appreciate the support and guidance provided by the College International Students Team when applying for the study visa. It is incredible to receive all the help, I really feel safe and comfortable being with the College.

Wang, China


The visa type C is issued for the period of time up to 90 days. Such a visa is issued for a short term language course.

Validity:90 days
Processing time:5 – 10 days
Costs:€ 65


The visa type D is issued for a period of time up to 180 days. The visa D is suitable for a long term language course.

Validity:180 days
Processing time:5 – 10 days
Avg. costs:€ 65


For long term studies i.e. university studies a residency permit must be applied for. It is issued for a period of time up to 1 year and must be renewed every year.

Validity:356 days
Processing time:2 – 3 months
Agv. costs:€ 120

Student Budget and Costs

You need to be able to prove in advance that you can finance your entire course as it is not possible to work during the academic session. The College asks for financial guarantees i.e. the fees are to be paid in advance and proof is also required when applying for a visa. For all costs/fees you should allow for increases in subsequent years.

In 2017, the minimum resources needed in Vienna (excluding tuition and College fees) are estimated to be approximately € 9 750 per year, depending on lifestyle.

Dorm Rent€ 450
Food, pocket money€ 300
Health Insurance€ 55
Public Transport€ 15
€ 9 750

Visa Advice Service

Application review
Bank account opening
Campus place reservation
Health Insurance
Documents preparation
University registration
Submitting a visa application
Registration with authorities
Relocation to Austria
Residency permit

Visa FAQ

If I pass the examination, can you help me with visa? 2016-12-28T20:33:58+00:00

Yes, we would be happy to assist you. Please, refer to the “Visa & Residency” section.

I need a visa to come to Austria, do you provide visa support? 2016-12-28T20:30:36+00:00

Yes, we do. Please, bare in mind, that you need to apply in advance (at least 6 — 8 weeks) in order not to miss the courses and / or the examination.

Can I try to pass the exam without registration? 2016-12-28T20:28:10+00:00

No, you cannot. A student need an active registration i.e. fees must be paid to be able to take part at the examination.

Can you register me for the entrance examination? 2016-12-28T20:26:06+00:00

Absolutely. In this very case we would charge you for the “University Admission” Service. Pleaser refer to our Services for details.

How can I register for the exam? 2016-12-28T20:24:52+00:00

You need to contact the university for details.

Do I need to register for the exam? 2016-12-28T20:21:39+00:00

Yes, you have to be registered for the entrance examination.

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