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St. Stephen's College Vienna

Student Support & Supervision

We care about success and well being of our students. The College has an extensive welfare system in place.


Your Coordinator is an expert, a senior member of the College, whose main duty is teaching or administration. Appointed to look after your academic welfare.


You have access to a College Tutor, who’s also an academic but normally in a different subject from yours. They’re there to protect your interests and provide pastoral support, and can advise you on any personal or financial matters.


The College has a variety of people you can turn to for medical or personal support (or just a cup of tea and a chat), such as a support officer or counsellor.

Advantage: A supportive and friendly environment.

There are various services within the College, you have a number of people looking out for your academic and personal welfare and supporting you throughout your time at St. Stephen’s. Therefore, students who are struggling with a particular problem or feeling a bit lost won’t go unnoticed.

University Foundation Austria student

The College is really good when it comes to support. There were a lot of things that I really struggled with in the first year but I had lots of people in different positions that I could speak to, and everyone’s main concern was to make sure that I was really comfortable. It is a really close-knit community of people, the College does lots of social activities which are a lot of fun too so you can always get out and meet new people.

Anna, Poland


We track your progress

We want our students to be successful and achieve their goals. A Supervisor is a professional who looks out for an academic welfare of students. While the tutors conducts tests and exam on regular basis, the supervisor gathers feedback and testing results for a review. The reports are sent to the parents and are available online for download. If a student is struggling with a particular subject, he can be recommended to take an extra class. Prior to taking final exams, provided a student received a positive evaluation from a supervisor, the exam simulation course is offered to get peers prepared for the finals.


We support you during the studies

The College Coordinator guides students through their studies, while the support team looks out for the students’ welfare: be it health issues, shopping, booking an apartment, legal questions, visiting official authorities and just giving a practical advice. It is important to have an experience professional at your side, who could advise on any issues you might encounter when in Vienna.

Medical Check-up

We care about your health

We take the welfare and students’ health very seriously. The College organises the medical check-up for its students each year. The students undergo a routine medical examination. In case of any health issues the counsel and assistance is provided by the College support team. As all the students have a health insurance the costs of the medical check-up and treatments are fully covered. We provide students with the possibility of getting an extensive private medical insurance as well, which covers the costs of any possible treatments and transportation within Europe.

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