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St. Stephen's College Vienna

Teaching & Learning at St. Stephen’s College

Tuition in small classes, tutor / student evaluation, instant feedback and educational mentoring.


To receive a positive final evaluation a students has to be positive on each and every test i.e. he has to score over 50%. Attendance and homework are considered to be an extra bonus and may add up additional points to the final grade.

For each missed class a student has to provide a written explanation. Missing over 3% of the classes triggers an automatic parents notification.

Students receive a homework after each class and have to submit the completed homework online or at the beginning of the next class.

At the end of the week students pass weekly tests on each taken subject. To get a positive final mark, students must score over 50% in each test. A missed weekly test results in a negative mark.

Each month student write a final test, which score 40% from the final mark. To receive a positive final grade, each weekly test has to be positive. Getting a negative final mark, student must take another attempt. Each attempt costs €50.


Students and their parents have access to an online student’s profile. The information on student’s presence and grades is updated in real time. At the end of each week students write a test and at the end of the month the final work is to be completed. Each quarter parents receive a written report sent per email with the following information:

  • grades report on each taken subject,
  • attendance statistics,
  • tutors’ feedback.

Reports are saved and are available for download from student’s online account. Students missed a class are required to provide a written explanation, which is uploaded to their profile. In case when more than 3% of the classes are missed without a reason a mentor is forced to contact parents.

Ms. Mercedes Miller
Course Type:Intensive German
Course Duration:3 months
Language Diploma:B2
Tutor Feedback:93%Excellent
Position in class:Outstanding
Tests History
March 67%
April 79%
March 91%
Examination Results


The College arranges lectures, seminars and practicals. However, as at all universities, there’s a much greater emphasis on independent and self-directed study here. Students are responsible for your their learning and are expected to read beyond what is required for the lectures and classes.

Students have a possibility to get assistance from the College supervisors during educational seminars and consultation hours. A personalised regular feedback helps students to improve on the studies progress.


The classes are the core of students’ studies. Each subject class typically lasts 90 minutes and is usually for small-sized groups of 4 — 6 participants. On a regular basis students get supervisions to help them with the subjects studies.

Educational seminars and mentoring sessions are assessed to adjust the studies tempo, help students with their campus life and their integration in Austria.


The evaluation is an important part of the studies. It works in both ways, the tutors evaluate students and vice versa.

Evaluating Students

The evaluations are conducted language and subject wise based on the tests results. Together with the instructors student have a possibility to track their performance and pinpoint the areas for improvements. The internal testing sessions and exam simulations are assessed to ensure the best scores are achieved at the finals. It means students receive more personal and dedicated tuition.

Evaluating Tutors

As tutors are evaluating the students, the participants have an opportunity to give an anonymous feedback to each tutor. The College strives to provide students with the best faculty possible and tries to constantly improve the quality of the tuition. We are open to the students’ suggestions and listen to our peers.

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